Who We Are

Cradles 2 Crayons (C2C) is Lubbock’s largest children & small housewares consignment event that occurs every spring and fall! Started in 2006 by two Lubbock moms, this event has assisted hundreds of families turn their gently used items into cash!


How It Works

  • Create an account & register as a consignor for the next event at You will be assigned an individual consignor number.
  • Determine your price for each item, enter the information into the tagging system, print/attach the barcoded price tag to each of your items, drop them off at the next event & shop the pre-sale for great deals!
  • During the event you can check your account to determine what has sold. Depending on how much you choose to participate, you earn between 65-85% of the amount sold. A $10 consignor fee is deducted to assist in paying for the event (commercials, rent, LPD security, marketing materials, racks, etc.)

After the event you can pick your unsold items to take home & place in the next event or you can choose to do donate your items & we will give them to local organizations to assist the community. A check will be mailed to you within a week of the event! IT’S THAT EASY


How Does My Organization Earn Money?

  • Your organization can register for a consignor account and list one contact person for the account. The contact person would need to provide the organization’s members with the login and password of the account.
  • The members in your organization login to the organization’s account, enter their items, and drop them off at the next event.
  • The contact person for the organization and two other individuals will be allowed to shop the pre-sale. The organization may choose to pick up the unsold items or donate to the community.
  • A check payable to the LEGAL ORGANIZATION NAME ONLY will be mailed to the contact person on the C2C account within one week of the event.

Example: 20 members, each member has 50 items, an average price of $4.00 each- $10 consignor fee = between $2590 (65%) to $3390 (85%) to your organization!


What Can I Consign?

You can consign anything related to children EXCEPT cribs. Clothes, costumes, shoes, blankets, furniture, swings, bouncers, highchairs, car seats, strollers, backpacks, bedding/room décor, toys, bicycles, outdoor play equipment, play mats, play pens, sports equipment, books, DVDs, maternity clothes, small housewares/appliances, cookbooks, home décor, etc!

ALL items must be free from stains, rips, tears, and in working order. Toys need to have all parts securely attached to together and batteries in place to show they work. No garage sale or broken items are accepted. Any items that do not meet the quality standard will automatically be pulled for donation and will not be sold.