Are children allowed to the sales?

Yes, children are allowed but please be aware that there are usually quite a few strollers that cause major congestion. If your children do attend, please remember that the toys and play equipment are not theirs until purchased. Also, please respect the church building that we are occupying as you would respect your house. ***PLEASE remember that children need to be kept off of toys during the events unless they are buying the item. This WILL BE enforced!***

What is your return policy?

We are sorry but all sales are final. We ask that you thoroughly check all merchandise before you leave the building. Once you exit, there is nothing we can do about merchandise or prices.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Paper or plastic! We accept cash, checks, and mastercard and visa only. If paying by check or credit card, please have proper photo ID available.

About how many shoppers come through the sale?

In September 2006, it is estimated that 1000 shoppers came through our event. With our growth in consignors and space and due to large publicity, we increased our shoppers in September 2008 to almost 4000. We hope to continue to expand while still serving our consignors and customers the best we can.

What is the Midnight Madness Sale like?

Please know that this sale is very popular and there will be LARGE crowds. We highly suggest that you leave your children at home and bring a basket or cart to keep your “plan to purchase” items with you at all times.



Who can be a consignor?

Anyone who has items to sell can sign-up as a consignor. It’s FREE and EASY!

How do I sign-up to be a consignor?

The process is simple and all of the information can be located on the Consignor tab. To register, please click here.

What does my $10 consignor fee cover?

Your $10 fee helps off-set some heavy expenses for the event.  We have a marketing team that works hard in getting the word out about our event.  They also use a lot of printed materials to help spread that word.  We also pay a building rental that covers the electricity and cleaning after we vacant the building.  We also provide paid security through Lubbock Police Department.  We take the merchandise of others very seriously and hire officers to help prevent theft.

Tags, how will I know they can be read by the scanners?

The tags on the left are perfect! They scan without an troubles. The tags on the right all had to be keyed in manually. If you will look, the bar codes bleed together, which prohibits the scanner from scanning them. This causes a delay in the lines, leaves room for human error, and delays the consignor from getting paid for the correct items.

Legible Barcode                          Not Legible Barcode  


How do I price my items?

There is information on the consignor tab that will show you step by step what is included in pricing items. Please follow the directions carefully as items that are marked properly and clearly sell better than those with tags in the wrong place or the price difficult to read.
How do I tag shoes?

Cradles 2 Crayons suggest that you place shoes in a Ziploc with the card facing out. Some shoes will not fit in a zip loc and we suggest that you find some way to secure them together (i.e. shoelaces). Make sure the shoes are marked properly.

I spent a lot of money on my hangers. Will I get mine back?

We do not return the hangers. With over 12,000 items sold, we do not have a way to sort hangers by consignor and get them returned. We do understand the expense tied up into the hangers but have a few suggestions: Some dry cleaners will give them away in bundles, Target and Wal-Mart have 10-pack plastic hangers for less than $1.25, Save your hangers from new clothing items you buy throughout the year and reuse them for consignment items.

Can we sell only the items specifically listed on the website?

No, you can sell any item related to an infant, toddler, or child. We accept strollers, swings, picnic tables, all the way to Bicycles, video games, sports equipment. If your child uses it, we take it! The only items we CAN NOT accept are items that have been recalled. Please check the www.cpsc.gov for a list of recalled items.

Will you take any season of clothing?

At this time, we accept any season clothing. Although the upcoming season sells so much better than the past season, meaning at our March event, spring/summer time clothes sell better and in September, fall/winter clothes sell better. Please note that out of date clothing does not sell at the event! Please don’t waste your time.

Do I have to be there to sell my items?

No. That is a PERK! As a consignor, you simply drop-off you items and pick them up. We and our volunteers do the rest. No worries for you!

How do I drop-off my items?

There are drop-off times listed on our site. Simply choose a time and show up with your items to sell. We will walk you through the check-in process.  You are responsible for putting out your items.   Our volunteers will point you in the right direction if needed.

What is the difference between a consignor and a vendor?

A consignor is one who sells their items at a discounted price through Cradles 2 Crayons. It is gently-used items that are a burden to your house, closets, or backyard space. Our vendors are individuals who sign up to sell their products outside of the actual Consignment sale. They set up their merchandise and are responsible for collecting all monies.

Will I keep the same consignor number from sale to sale?

Yes! You will have the same consignor number. This allows you to keep things tagged from one sale to another. It also allows you to tag all year round. Win-win situation!

How long before I will receive my check for consigning?

We do our best to have checks out within 10-days of the sale. Please allow 14 days after the sale before you will have your check. You have 90-days to cash this check before we will be forced to place a hold on the check.

Can I have my price cards back after the sale?

With our new system, we do not keep cards of items that have sold.  We are not able to return the cards.

How do I attach my price tag to my item?

We recommend that if you are using a tagging gun that you place the price tag in a seam or in the armpit of the item. This will prevent the item you are selling from having a hole in he merchandise.
I am missing a few items. What happened?

First, we do greatly apologize for any misplaced, lost, or stolen items. Cradles 2 Crayons does their best in trying to make sure that there are no theft issues. We even hire security for the entire events.  We also have very hard-working volunteers help us sort items at the end of the event. When you pick your items up, we ask that you please review to make sure that you are not accidentally leaving with someone else’s items. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding!


Do I have to be a consignor to volunteer?

No. Many people volunteer with us so that they can take advantage of the pre-sale. Not all volunteers are consignors. The advantage to volunteering if you are a consignor is to earn more money back on your items.

Can anyone sign up to volunteer?

Yes, we are looking for fun, hard-working volunteers all of the time! Sign-up early though as our slots are limited and we always fill them before the week of the sale! Click HERE and sign up to volunteer.

I have never volunteered before. What do I do?

If you have volunteered for a 3-hour shift, come at your assigned time, sign-in, and look for a C2C staff member to get direction of what needs to be done. We do highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

About how many shoppers come through the sale?

In September 2006, we think about 1000 shoppers came through our event. With our growth in consignors and space and due to large publicity, we increased our shoppers in September 2010 to almost 5000. We hope to continue to expand while still serving our consignors and customers the best we can.

Can I bring my children with me to volunteer?

No, there are often times when we are very busy and need our volunteers to focus on helping versus chasing little ones. We appreciate your understanding.